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Paradiscal’s Elytra Wings Pack – Texture Packs


This is a skin pack which includes 29 awesome elytra wings. There is a great variety of colors and styles to choose from and you can easily switch between the packs in-game because they are installed similar to texture packs. Upgrade your wings to something more fancy!

Creator: ParadiscalTwitter Account
Updated: 25 February, 2017 (added 8 wings, fixed Dreamtime wings)

How does it work?

Click one of the .McPack links down below to download a skin pack. Once you’ve got it then just install it similar to a texture pack. If you don’t like it or want to change to some other then just import and install a new one.

Architects Wings (.McPack)


Fallen (.McPack)

GoldenHawk (.McPack)

GoldLeaf (.McPack)

Harpy (.McPack)

Leaf (.McPack)

McDonald (.McPack)

Night (.McPack)

Peacock (.McPack)

Shark (.McPack)

Sky (.McPack)

Sunset (.McPack)

Tattered (.McPack)

Barrier (.McPack)

Bat (.McPack)

Black Ice (.McPack)

Candy Cane (.McPack)

Dragon Skull (.McPack)

Ice (.McPack)

Dreamtime (.McPack)

Inferno (.McPack)

Watcher (.McPack)

Flash (.McPack)

Blossom (.McPack)

Dollar (.McPack)

Celestial (.McPack)

Lilypad (.McPack)

Cosmos (.McPack)

Orange Neon (.McPack)

Blue Neon (.McPack)

You can download a .ZIP which include all elytra wings here.

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