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Fidget Spinner Texture Pack – Texture Packs


The Fidget Spinner is a real life toy which can be used for relieving stress and now you can get it in Minecraft Pocket Edition as well. It’s most likely one of the least useful texture packs available since all it does is spinning around when you move in a different direction. However, since the entire point of the toy is to spin it’s actually doing what’s intended and that’s obviously great.

Creator: Spectro Anime, Twitter Account

How to use the fidget spinner?

It’s the compass which has been replaced by the fidget spinner. Turn in different directions to make it start spinning. And yes, that’s everything you’ll be able to do.. (When downloading you’ll be able to choose between three different colors: blue, pink or red.)

Click the here to view a GIF animation for the fidget spinner.

By the way, it’s always spinning in the Nether!


  1. Download one of the following Fidget Spinner texture packs:
    1. Blue .McPack
    2. Pink .McPack
    3. Red .McPack
  2. Activate the pack for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for the texture pack here.

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