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-513070979: Survival Island – Ocean Monument – Seeds


This is a great seed if you quickly want to find an ocean monument which is one of the new features in 0.16.0 of Minecraft Pocket Edition. You will spawn on an island which is located somewhere around 50-100 blocks away from the ocean monument. It’s incredibly easy to find but we’ve provided detailed information how to get there anyways.

Found by: NFGamerMC, Website, Google+

How to find the ocean monument?

The spawn is on an island. Fly diagonally to your right until you reach a second island. The ocean monument is located on the left side of this island.

It can be difficult to see it through the water. If you can’t see it then drink a potion of night vision and you will notice it’s easier to see.

If you’re in survival mode you probably want to bring some weapons as the guardians are hostile.

Seed: -513070979

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