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-200889213: Double Village Spawn – Stronghold – Seeds


This is a great seed which will spawn you in the middle of two awesome villages. The main reason why I think it’s awesome is because both of them have blacksmiths and that means you’ll get some good loot right from start without too much effort. In that way, it’s a really good seed for survival mode.

Found by: yoyoboyo95

The spawn is in the center of a double village which consists of one desert village and one plains village. In both villages there are blacksmiths with some decent loot.

Desert Village Blacksmith:

  • 12 obsidian blocks
  • 3 bread
  • 2 apples
  • 1 gold ingot
  • 1 iron helmet
  • 1 iron boots

Normal Village Blacksmith

  • 3 bread
  • 4 apples
  • 4 oak saplings
  • 4 obsidian blocks
  • 1 iron boots
  • 1 iron ingot

You can also find a stronghold if you go to the well in the desert village and dive down into the water. Break the blocks at the bottom of the well to access the stronghold. You might need some torches to light the way.

Seed: 200889213

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