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1754: Mushroom Village – Seeds


Only once or twice before have we ever come across a mushroom village before. Compared to the other ones we’ve found before this one is the best. Almost one half of the village has been generated in the mushroom biome. The other half is in a plains biome. The village does have a blacksmith.

Found by: random_person1223

To find the mushroom village turn to your left once you’ve spawned. Then walk diagonally to your right for 200-300 blocks and you should reach the village.

But let’s be straight here. It’s not entirely true to say it’s a mushroom village because the other half of the village is actually located in a plains biome.

In the part of the village which is in the plains biome there is a blacksmith. Here are the things you will find in the chest:

  • 1 iron sword
  • 1 iron boots
  • 2 bread

Seed: 1754

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