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-1025886865: Infinite Mineshafts – Woodland Mansion – Seeds


This is a really cool seed which will spawn you not far from a Woodland Mansion, but that isn’t the best thing. The most interesting part about this seed is that it includes an infinite mineshaft. Continue reading and you’ll soon know exactly where to go to find the never-ending mineshaft. It’s most likely not just one mineshaft, but instead multiple ones.

Found by: Telepathic Grunt, Twitter Account

How to find the infinite mineshafts?

The spawn is around 200 blocks away from a Woodland Mansion. Just walk straight ahead and you will eventually get to it.

Go behind the Woodland Mansion to find a mushroom tree.

Dig down straight down here. (Don’t worry, there shouldn’t be any lava.) The dig site is at the following coordinates: X: 345, Y: 65, Z: 302

The mineshafts are generated in a crosswise row of four next to each other in all infinity. To provide this point you can go to the following coordinates and still see endless mineshafts: X: 10000, Y: 13, Z: 10000.

You can find a mansion dungeon at the following coordinates: X: 400, Y: 13, Z: 285

Seed: -1025886865

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