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The Companion Mod – Mods – Addons


Your companions can be used to help you kill enemies. They will follow you around and if you attack or get attacked by a mob they will teleport close to you and help you kill the mob.

By killing mobs your companions level up and become stronger. Once you quit a game to re-join later you should understand that only the companion levels are saved. If you want to see them again you need to respawn them yourself using the options below.

Creator: Desno365

Item IDs

  • Companion Spawner – 465
  • Companion Settings – 466
  • Companion Informations – 467
  • Companion Remover – 468

There are two options to spawn the companion:

  1. Use the Companion Spawner in the crafting table.
  2. Type the command /companion (downside: if you are in survival mode your health will go down with ½ heart)


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