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Simple Guns is a mod created by LucasMCPE_br and the textures used are made by Minecrave. The mod gives you access to three different guns. First there is the TNT gun which lets you shoot exploding TNT. Then we have the arrow gun which shoots around 20 arrows per second and the range is pretty awesome. Lastly we’ve got the flamethrower which you can use to set things on fire. The range for the flamethrower is less than the other guns but is still really cool.

Since it’s first version (1.0) it has grown to cover more guns and we believe that the creator will continue to expand on this mod and hopefully we’ll see more guns in the future.

Commands: /guns

Gun IDs

  • TNT Gun = 500
  • Arrow Gun = 501
  • Flamethrower = 503

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