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Here is a really unique and fun mod. It adds a new item to your game called Mob Boxes. To obtain it you must craft it out of wooden planks and iron bars. Next you can walk up to any animal of your liking and place it in your box. The box can then be placed down as a normal block, stored in a chest or used to release the animal at another desired location.

Item ID: Empty Mob Box – 137

Creator: bmx22c

First starting out..

8 Wooden Planks and one Iron Bar is what’s needed to create a Mob Box.

This is what the box looks like while you are holding it in your hand.

We have found a pig. Lets use him as our experimental pig to test our new Mob Box!

The pig is now stuffed inside our box.

The boxes can be placed down as normal blocks or be stored in chests.

And at last, you can of course also release your beloved pig!


Download (Raw Code Dropbox)
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