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Rideable Zombie Horses Addon – Addons


For the first time ever, zombie horses can now be ridden in Minecraft Pocket Edition. The horse is two times faster than an ordinary horse and if you ask me it looks so much cooler as well. Some things work a little bit different compared to a normal horse so make sure to read everything carefully!

Creator: Destroyerz117, Twitter Account

How to ride the zombie horse?

Zombie horses can’t be found in the wild. To get one you will need to spawn one using a zombie horse spawn egg.

Taming works similar to other horses. Just sit on its back until it gives in and likes you. Heart particles will appear once this happens.

To ride it you will need a saddle. Press the sneak button and tap (or right click if you are on Windows 10) on the horse to open the horse graphical user interface. Here you can add the saddle.

Once it’s saddled tap on the horse to ride it. The great benefit with this horse is that it is two times faster than an ordinary horse.

You can heal a zombie horse by throwing Splash Potion of Harming at it. It might sound contradictory but it really works! They also heal naturally over time as long they aren’t badly wounded. Whatever you do, don’t feed them rotten flesh because this will eventually kill them.


  1. Download behaviors .McPack
  2. Add behavior pack to a world in-game

Do you want a .ZIP file for this addon? Click here!

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