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Monster Buddy is an addon which lets you tame monsters and use them as companions (and protectors) similar to wolves. They will follow you around and help you out whenever necessary and you can also trade items with them. This is really useful if you enjoy going out on adventures as you will be able to pick up new companions on the way.

Creator: Pixeldroid, Twitter Account
Updated: 7 January, 2017 (more tameable mobs, rideable spiders)

How does it work?

Right now you can only tame four different mobs. Feed them any of the following items to attempt to tame them.

  • Creeper = Gunpowder
  • Enderman = Dirt
  • Skeleton = Bow
  • Cave Spider = Spider eye
  • Spider = Spider eye
  • Stray = Bow
  • Zombie = Rotten flesh
  • Zombie Husk = Rotten flesh

Keep in mind that the monsters are still hostile (when they are untamed) so gear up before you decide to approach one.

Tamed monsters will help you whenever you are under attack. Either you must get hit by a monster or you must hit one to make it start defending you.

You don’t necessarily have to be attacked by a hostile monsters for your monster buddies to be useful. If you hit a cow, or any other type of mob, then your monster buddy will automatically help you to kill the target.

You can trade with monster buddies by feeding them any of the following items.

  • Creeper – Gunpowder = TNT
  • Enderman – Dirt = Ender pearls
  • Skeleton – Stick = Arrows
  • Zombie – Rotten flesh = Cooked beef/steak
  • Cave Spider – String = Lead
  • Spider – String = Lead
  • Stray – Stick = Arrow
  • Zombie – Rotten flesh = Cooked beef/steak
  • Zombie Husk – Rotten flesh = Cooked beef/steak



  • Spiders and cave spiders are rideable


  1. Download Behavior .McPack
  2. Activate the pack for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP for this addon here.

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