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This add-on replaces some of the mobs in-game with lions. At the same time it’s a very majestic animal it is also incredibly fierce and should be treated with great respect. There’s really never a tell whether one is dangerous or not since it’s all dependent whether it is hungry or not. If you do come across a youngling and tame it to become your pet.

Creator: Gona, Twitter Account

How to tame a lion?

There are two types of lions (which replace mooshrooms and cows) and the only difference are their colors. If you find a cub (meaning, a baby lion) you can tame it by feeding it raw meat or raw fish.

  • iOS / Android: Hold some raw meat or raw fish in your hand, long press on the lion and press Tame
  • Windows 10: Right-click on the lion while holding some raw fish or raw meat in your hand to tame it

Once tamed it will start following you. Once it has grown to full size (either naturally or by feeding it more food) then it will protect the owner from any kinds of threats.

They are especially helpful when the darkness comes. None of the undead creatures walk safe for as long your pet lions stays alive (4 – 7 attack damage).

But make sure to keep them away from any of your livestock. If they get the chance they sometimes will kill both sheep and pigs.

Both the white and normal lion will attack most types of mobs and players. Luckily, the player is slightly faster so you will be able to outrun them. If you do decide to fight them then I recommend that you at least have a weapon since they are fairly strong.

You can tame any amount of lions that you want and they are great companions to have with you on your adventures.

General Information

  • Custom sounds
  • White lions replace mooshroom
  • Normal lions replace cows
  • Wild
    • Baby
      • Health: 5 hearts
      • Passive
      • Cubs are tameable with any raw meat or fish
    • Adult
      • Health: 15 hearts
      • Attack damage: 4 – 7
      • Attacks players, pigs, sheep, horses, mules, donkeys, villagers, polar bears and undeads if they are hungry (or if player approaches a cub)
  • Tamed
    • Baby
      • 7.5 hearts
      • Passive
    • Adult
      • Health: 20 hearts
      • Follows and protects owner
      • Attacks pigs and sheep sometimes without reason


  1. Download Resource .McPack
  2. Download Behavior .McPack
  3. Activate the packs for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for the addon here.

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