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War of the Wagon – PvP Maps


War of the Wagon is a fun multiplayer PvP map. The main objective is to destroy the competing team’s base by pushing a TNT minecart into their base. It requires some strategy as you’ll both need people to push the wagon and others attack the competing team.

Creator: jjjjjjulien

How to play?

To play this map you will need to be at least two players but if possible be at least four or more players.

Split up on two separate teams (red and blue) and then continue down to each team’s side of the map. Toggle the “ready lever” when your team is ready. Once both teams are ready a TNT minecart will appear on one of the two rails.

You are not allowed to cross over to the other team’s area before this minecart spawns.

The objective for both teams is to be the first team to push the TNT minecart over to the chunk of stones at the other team’s base.

Once the TNT minecart hits the stone wall it will ignite and explode. The first team to succeed in doing this wins!

To win we highly recommend spending some time working out a plan between your team members. For example, one part of the team could work with pushing the minecart and the remaining part could work with attacking the other team.


  • You are not allowed to destroy the other team’s TNT minecart
  • Set difficulty to hard

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