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The Floor is Lava – Minigame Maps


The Floor is Lava is a popular minigame where players have to constantly be moving around in order to avoid dying. The color of the block under the player gradually shifts color and will eventually turn red and then disappear. If this happens while a player is standing on it then the player fall downs into the lava and dies.

Creator: noahcraftreal, Twitter Account

How to play?

It’s recommended for multiplayer but you could also play it in single player mode. An automatic countdown will appear in the center of the screen and then the game will start.

The objective for each player is to survive for as long as possible. But anywhere you walk the block under you will shift color and eventually disappear. You are not allowed to hit other players.

  • Yellow = 1st stage
  • Orange = 2nd stage
  • Red = 3rd stage
  • Block disappears = 4 stage

Download .McWorld
Download .ZIP

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