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Minigames Central – Minigame Maps


The Minigames Central map is a great map to play together with friends as it features 7 different minigames. There is a great variety of games which ensure that there’s something for everyone. You can expect at least one hour worth of gameplay in this map.

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How to play?

The spawn is in a flat world where you will find a bunch of different minigames. All of them can be played together with friends or by yourself. Let’s have a look at some of the different games included in the map.

Archery: How many minecarts can you hit?

Droppers: Avoid the obstacles and try to land safely in the water.

Wolf Run: Escape the wolves!

TNT Run: Can you run quicker than TNTs explode?

The Siege: Take back the diamond blocks and kill the space pirates.

There are more minigames included in the map (such as PvP, a maze and a find the button minigame) but those I’ll let you explore by yourself in-game!

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