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Lever Locator – Minigame Maps


Lever Locator is a minigame which consists of 10 stages and a bonus room for those who can find the secret entrance. The objective for each room is to find a hidden lever to access the next level. Somewhere in the same room there is a chest which contains a sunflower which can be dropped into a hopper to reveal a hint how to find the lever.

It’s a really fun map to play as each room progressively get larger and more challenging to complete.

Creator: , Twitter Account

How to play?

In each level you will be presented with a challenge to find a hidden lever. By each level the rooms get larger and more complex.

Sometimes you will find a chest which contain a sunflower. The sunflower can be dropped into a hopper at the beginning of each level to reveal a hint of where to find the hidden lever.


  • Don’t craft, place or break blocks
  • Set difficulty to peaceful

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