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Half Heart 2 – Minigame Maps


With just a little bit of health (one half of a heart to be precise) you have to complete a series of five levels which will in some way or another challenge your survival capabilities. As you’ve got just a tiny bit of health remaining you have to be extra careful where you put your foot next.

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How to play?

Once you’ve loaded the map you will notice that your health bar is gone. However, you do have some health left: 0.5 hearts. This means that you need to extra careful when completing a series of five levels. If you have played some then neither of the following levels should be very difficult.

Type /spawnpoint in the text chat every time you complete a level to save a checkpoint.


  • Play on peaceful unless told otherwise
  • Play on survival mode
  • Set render distance to minimum


  1. Download Map .McWorld
  2. iOS / Windows 10: The world is automatically imported. Android: Use ES File Explorer to import the world (tap on the downloaded file).

Click here to download a .ZIP file for this map.

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