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Blocks vs Zombies – Minigame Maps


This map is inspired by SethBling’s Blocks vs Zombies map for PC. It’s a minigame where the objective is to survive 10 waves of zombies. By completing some of the waves you will gain access to better weapons. It’s a really fun (and sometimes stressful map) which is useful for anyone who want to improve their archery skills.

Creator: Haaky, Twitter Account

How to play?

Take the bow and arrow from the chest and then press one of the buttons to start the wave of zombies. Shoot the zombies before they breach the base. There are in total eight waves which need to be completed to finish the map. You can see your progress by viewing the redstone lamps in the other end of the map.

You will retrieve new weapons after completing the 4th and then the 8th wave.


  • Set difficulty to max
  • Don’t leave the stone area
  • Set render distance to max

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