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Aliens vs Predator (Board Game) – Minigame Maps


This map is a 1v1 board game where the player who plays the Aliens is trying to capture each room on the board. The Predators (meaning, the opposite team) have to objective to kill the main Alien hive and stop them for spreading. If you are into board games and want to experience something similar in Minecraft then definitely give it a try!

Creator: Fizzman797, Twitter Account

How to play?

The objectives for the Aliens and Predators are outlined in-game with signs providing you the necessary understanding for the base guidelines of the board game.

There’s also a video further on this page which I recommend you watching.

Video Review

Learn the basics of the game by watching the video down below.

General Rules

  • Two players (1 aliens, 1 predators)
  • Doesn’t matter which gamemode
  • Difficulty set on at least Easy
  • Play in Creative mode

Download .McWorld
Download .ZIP

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